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Corsac: The Payment Solution for Young Artists


What if compensating young artists didn't require a contract?

That's the question I asked myself every day during development on Corsac, the all-in-one suite for freelance digital artists.

As I became aquainted with more and more people on Discord, I had the realization that many of my friends were not only extremely talented digital artists, but the artistic skill that they were manifesting could be of major value to many if they only had a means of accepting payment for custom artwork. The obvious answer would be to just use a service like PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp, but none of them allow users under 18 to sign up. That’s when I had the idea for Corsac, the solution for young freelance artists to get paid. No longer would talented minors be forced to sign a contract with a bank, or risk fraud with their social security numbers. Corsac uses the Stripe API to checkout clients, and automatically emails the respective artists Visa gift cards containing their earnings.

Corsac Profile Settings

First, the client goes to a secure page on a short URL dedicated to the specific artist with whom they have contracted. There, they enter the amount discussed with the artist and then receive a checkout URL automatically generated by Stripe Payment API. When Corsac’s servers receive a notification from Stripe indicating a payment was successfully processed, the money is held in escrow for the artist in their dedicated Corsac virtual wallet until the commissioned artwork is completed. Once the commission is complete, the funds are released from escrow, and this process continues until the artist has accumulated at least one hundred dollars in their Corsac wallet. They can then initiate a payout to a gift card of their choice (Amazon, Best Buy, Visa, etc). This way, the minor artist is not required to have a bank account.

For the issuing of gift cards, we used a service called Tremendous, which has generously granted Pencil Fox Studios access to its commercial developer API for this project.

An artist's Corsac commission portal

The feedback we have since received from our private group of alpha testers has been outstanding. While development has slowed down in recent months due to other projects and ambitions, we remain as excited about this project, and its potential, as ever.